Client Voices

We love what we do, especially when we hear the following from our clients:
The work Molly has done for me has generated thousands of dollars in business over the last five years. People find what they need from my site and book me. Because of the professionalism in the way the site is designed, they have confidence in my ability to perform and I am able to charge fees at the top end of my industry.
Molly was able to clearly articulate the wire frames and flow on paper before she started work. I could see the end result in a summarized document before she started. Then she did exactly what she planned.
Thanks for your work on this. I'm happy and proud to have such a good looking site!
Eric Henerlau - Eric Henerlau Modern Square Dancing

Molly and My-Tien helped us realize the essential components of the message we wanted to communicate, then created a working plan to realize that vision and executed every element superbly. We are grateful for their excellent professional assistance. They are fun to work with, creative, dependable, and very efficient. I strongly recommend Obsidian Vision's services for your next web project.
Bennett Johnston - Gingko Memory Game

Molly Gregg and the Obsidian Vision team saved us from remaining lost in a maze unable to take the right road to develop our website. We needed to tell the world the good work we have been continuing to do since 1980 on teaching and guiding our colleagues and parents in early childhood education and the schools to develop family centered environments that support parents so they can be allies with teachers for the success and well being of their children. Check us out and you will see that Molly and her team created the roadmap so we could send out our story and invite others to have conversations with us.
Ethel Seiderman - Parent Service Project

My-Tien Vo was our Web Site project manager. She wrote and compiled our COPY, edited and designed the layout. She worked with her preferred web specialists and negotiated cost-saving license and service agreements on our behalf. We are pleased with the result and could not have completed the project without My-Tien. To get it right takes longer than one might think.
Stephen Ledoux - Ledoux Esquire

Molly does the heavy-lifting at Obsidian Vision code-wise; she's a P-R-O when it comes to building out and QA. She checks DHTML, CSS and ground-level Mac/PC code for website production. As your production department is finding out - there's technical anomalies when it comes to having a site perform reliably on both platforms' major browsers - if I can be so bold as to tout Molly's strengths - she lives in that realm of 100% reliable performance for her clients. I suggest you call her directly - 415-898-9684 to resolve your website issues.
Mark Inman - Team2 Design Studio

After a series of setbacks with other developers, I hired Obsidian Vision on the recommendation of a trusted friend. Finally, of four developers I worked with to complete my site, Molly was the ONLY one who made it happen, working swiftly and with integrity. I value her thoughtful approach and the intelligence she brings to her work. She also understands good design, and made contributions to my own design that improved the site. After finding Molly for my web development, I've no need to look anywhere else.
Lori Powell - Explore Creative design studio

Hi, I love it. Makes me feel so official! Especially like what you did with the umbrella on the beach scene. Why didn't I think of that!
Joyce Slick - Artist